Il Signore degli Anelli - Statua Frodo Baggins

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Il Signore degli Anelli
Statua Frodo Baggins (Sideshow - Premium Format - 1:4)


Statua Sideshow Premium Format Figure.
Scala 1:4, altezza 34 cm., peso 2,5 kg..
Originale Sideshow.
Oggetto seminuovo (acquistato nel 2004 e mai aperto).
(la confezione esterna presenta l'usura dovuta al tempo).
Rimanenza di magazzino.

Frodo Baggins Premium Format Figure
Product Information:
Size - 34 cm (13.5")
Scale - 1:4
Weight - 2,50 kg
Material - Polystone
Packaging - Box
Edition size - 1000

Frodo Baggins is the second figure in Sideshow Collectibles' line of Premium Format Lord of the Rings figures, and perhaps the most stouthearted of all Hobbits. Frodo is recreated in 1:4 scale, ready to face danger with Sting in hand. He stands atop a detailed Moria base, complete with a dwarven helm and the partial remains of the previous owner. Frodo's fear and determination is captured in his pose and facial expression, as he prepares to face whatever might befall the Fellowship. The mixed media Frodo Premium Format figure is an intricate blend of polystone and expertly tailored clothing, utilizing the best materials available to recreate every detail of Frodo's wardrobe, from his Shire-crafted jacket to his furry hobbit feet.

On the advice of the wizard Gandalf, young hobbit Frodo Baggins of the Shire set out on a perilous quest. Frodo must trust in his eight fellowship companions to protect himself and the mysterious ring from the forces of darkness that pursue him, while only the strength of his own heart can save him from the corrupt lure of the ring itself. Together, Frodo and the Fellowship traverse many dangers, including a fateful journey through the mines of Moria.

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