Il Signore degli Anelli - Film Cell 35mm.

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Il Signore degli Anelli
The Lord of the Rings ROTK - Film Cell 35mm. 10"x8" con display


3 frame pellicola cinematografica 35 mm. con display, Limited Edition (25 of 100).
Dimensioni display 25,4 cm. (10") x 20,32 cm. (8").
Originale di importazione inglese.
Oggetto nuovo.
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Lord Of The Rings ROTK Genuine 10"x8" 35mm Film Cell Display Framed or Unframed
Product Information: 
This is 10” x 8” film cell presentation of Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King. It contains three genuine frames of 35mm film, as shown at a cinema. Unlike many suppliers, we only use genuine film stock, and we cut our own mounts, rather than buying them in. The mount is cut in acid free, Ph neutral mountboard with a 45 degree bevel to show off the contents at their best. As well as pieces of genuine film the presentation also contains a picture and a handmade plaque.  Please remember that the picture shown is for illustration purposes and the item sent may contain different film. Please rest assured that we choose each piece of film by hand to ensure that it is a main character or major scene.

Each item comes with our own certificate of authenticity. We hand sign each item prior to assembly.  If you select to own this wonderful piece of film history framed, we use acrylic both back and front so that you can see the film cells at their best and to ensure that there is no glass to break.

It is often possible to check the originality of the film by examining the soundtracks. These are the jagged lines along the outside of the film, and where the film is one with a Dolby soundtrack, which can be found between the sprocket holes on one side of the film, it is possible to see the hourglass DD symbol in the middle of each area, although a strong magnifying glass will be needed. Remember that digital soundtracks only became available in the 1970s, and Dolby soundtracks much later. It’s not possible to give a definitive date for the adoption of any particular soundtrack technology because it takes a number of years to become fully adopted by the industry.

Every item we produce is hand made and assembled by ourselves, thus we are able to guarantee that they are genuine. With the advent of digital technology, 35mm film is becoming rarer. In 2018 (the last date we have figures for), only 17% of films were released on 35mm and very few of these were mainstream movies, and eventually it will become history.

Normally we would be found at events throughout the South East, but given the current lockdown, this is the only way we have to reach you, our customers. Please check out our other listings, which if the current circumstances continue, will grow in number. With over 2000 film titles available, we are happy to consider any custom orders you might have in mind. Please feel free to contact us.

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