Il Signore degli Anelli - Statua Orco di Moria

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Il Signore degli Anelli
Statua Orco di Moria (Sideshow - Premium Format - 1:4)


Statua Sideshow Premium Format Figure.
Scala 1:4, altezza 48 cm., peso 8,5 kg..
Originale Sideshow.
Oggetto seminuovo (acquistato nel 2004 e mai aperto).
(la confezione esterna presenta l'usura dovuta al tempo).
Rimanenza di magazzino.

Moria Orc Premium Format Figure
Product Information:
Size - 48 cm (19")
Scale - 1:4
Weight - 8.5 kg
Material - Polystone
Packaging - Box
Edition size - 750

Escultor / Artista : Pablo Viggiano, Heath Hammond, Seth Rinaldi, Tom Gilliland, Darth Rimmer, Anthony Mestas, Steve Riojas, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team.

The Moria Orc Premium Format figure is a stunning 1:4 scale reproduction. Standing 20 inches tall atop the display base, the Moria Orc posed in the heat of the battle, ready to attack any man, hobbit, or wizard foolish enough to enter Moria. Each figure is hand-painted and hand-finished, and individually hand-numbered for authenticity. 

Beneath the Misty Mountains, a vast web of dark tunnels and chambers and mines comprises the Dwarf city known in the Third Age as Moria, 'The Black Chasm.' As they had for many thousands of years, the Longbeard Dwarf clan lived in Moria, mining Khazad-dum and digging ever deeper for valuable veins of mithril. The dwarves were ever in conflict with the orcs who lived in the Misty Mountains, and The War of the Dwarves and Orcs waged on for many years. Tales of its troubled and violent past precede Moria, and the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring are uneasy as they venture through the gates of the city.

Slowly, the Fellowship makes its way through the abandoned chambers, quickly realizing that dwarves are no longer the inhabitants of Moria, and orcs have taken hold of the city. Treading quickly and quietly, they eventually find their way to the tomb of the final Dwarf King. An unfortunate accident draws attention to their whereabouts and alerts the Moria Orcs to their presence. The orcs are quick to find their enemies, scaling the tunnel walls with ease as they pursue the Fellowship, their grotesque goblin-like appearance striking fear into the fleeing ring bearer and his companions.

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